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A commercial washroom installation will endure
higher levels of use than a domestic bathroom therefore
commercial washroom products and materials
are selected for durability and longevity

We at Flush have a flexible approach to the service we provide and therefore can be confident that we can meet your programme and your washroom budget requirements.

Flush washrooms partner with some of the UK’s leading Manufacturers and therefore are able to offer the brilliant Revolutionary award winning rim free technology with a commercial washroom which include wall hung and close coupled back to wall toilets. These stylish WC contemporary pans are easy to clean and ultra-hygienic in design, and save water too.

Your questions on rim free answered 

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We also can offer many ways of delivering an energy efficient commercial washroom thanks to innovative energy saving products, these include:

  • A dual flush WCs cistern that flush on either 4 or 2.6 litres of water, a saving of up to 52%.
  • Waterless urinals that do not use water to flush, reducing overall commercial washroom consumption by 20%.
  • Electronic commercial washroom water management solutions that ensure water is only used when required.
  • commercial washroom water mixers fitted with regulators which reduce the water flow rate down to 5 litres per minute.
  • Infra red taps that feature CLICK technology.
  • Non-concussive commercial taps that stop water flow after a pre-set time, saving 15%.
  • Airblade hand dryer technology that produces up to 72% less CO2 than other brands within a commercial washroom environment
  • Passive infra light sensors fitted to energy efficient lamps reducing overall carbon footprint.