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Our laminated vanities / vanity units are durable and
flexible and come in a choice of styles and
material types.
We can offer the latest in a choice of colours and designs.

We offer our vanity tops in two type of laminate these generally to the environment and usage.

High pressure laminate (HPL) vanity units are flexible, economical and constructed using a moisture resistant core faced with high pressure laminate which provide seamless joints on any up stand and post formed apron. All the edges of the vanity units are then lipped in a PVC or laminate to reflect your overall washroom design.

 Solid grade laminate (SGL) vanity units are water and impact resistant and highly durable and ideal for tough hardworking washrooms. Solid grade 13mm thick laminate which is manufactured with profiled edges and a loose apron. This product is ideal for use in the educational sector due its durability and performance.

Other types of vanity units and tops include advance composite solid surface that can be machined and formed to create virtually any shape. We can also offer a range of polished granite surfaces including engineered natural quartz, glass effect and resignswhich has the appearance of natural stone for a modern and striking touch.

All our vanity units and tops are specifically manufactured to suit your individual requirements and specification. They are normally supplied to suit an inset or semi recessed vanity basins but can be manufactured to suit your individual needs. The bed height of the tops can be altered to suite you requirements and will comply with current recommendation and guidelines set out for washrooms within the educational sector.

All vanity units are supplied with supporting framework and under panels to compliment the laminate tops. They are designed to be fully removal making it ideal when carrying out any routine maintenance.

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