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BUY Urinal Target Fly Stickers
July 9th, 2013

Who said you can’t potty train a man?

The sticker that aims to clean up the Gent’s toilets. Made from long lasting clear vinyl.Research has found that if man sees a fly, he aims at it. This research also found they can also reduce floor spillage by 80%.

These stickers are ideal for toilet training young children. We are also able to offer stickers which include ladybirds, aeroplanes and fish so thereby ideal for primary Schools.

You’ll be amazed how both men and boys are subconsciously attracted towards the target and focus on the task in hand!

Contact Flush Washrooms for prices and availability.

The benefits

  • Ideal for toilet training toddlers or for the older males in your family.
  • Helps to keep the toilet floor clean and free from unwanted odours!
  • Perfect for schools, restaurants, bars or any other public restroom.